January 23, 2013

I Love Us {& a Free Printable!}

"What are your five favorite memories from the last three years?"
That's what he asked me last night on a much needed date. 
He knows how much I love to walk down this lane! 
Hawaii?  Having Kyria? Random funny moments?
But what if my most cherished memories of us seem to come from those years of friendship, and courtship, and all the anticipation of these days we live in now.
Why don't I have more memories like that from our married life!?
Is it because when we live everyday together we take for granted what was once fireworks!?
Him putting his arms around me doesn't take my breath away the same. Date nights aren't as elaborate. Suprises are more difficult when your under the same roof. 
Don't get me wrong.  We are still very much in love, and probably more so now than ever!
It's the showing and receiving that has become more difficult.  How do you make him believe you are his biggest fan, when you've nagged a few too many times!?  How do you trust him when he says your beautiful after he's told you a hundred million times
 . . . and a baby pooch that hasn't quite disappeared!?
It takes work!  It takes being intentional!
It's believing the best in one another, being quick to ask forgiveness, and quick to offer a hug of reconciliation.  It's prioritizing the relationship with date nights, couch time and conversations of memories, dreams, and US!  It's putting God at the center, and constantly laying down our own selfishness.
As I reflected on the past three and a half years, I realized my best memories ARE found in marriage!  Recognizing those moments simply takes letting our thoughts linger on the many everyday blessings that might not have been!  
I love US!
I love the team we are, the fun we have, and the way we serve the Lord together!
I love the family we are raising, and the memories we are making!
I am so in love with US!
and for you . . .
A Free February Printable!
Use this for Valentines Day or for your bedroom Everyday as a reminder!
(just right click on the image and save it to you computer . . . then print it out!)


  1. Your words are very wise! I will be the first to admit that after 10 years of marriage and 5 kids, I have to make a concious effort to make sure Jason is not 'neglected'. This year I started a thankful journal for him that I will give him next year for our anniversary. I try to write in it every day and tell him another reason I am thankful for him or something that I love about him. Just writing these little things down has awakened the 'butterflies' again. That feeling from when we were dating and first married. So you are right, I love us! Thank you for putting this into words. ~Bobbie


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