December 4, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

Hey everyone!  It's December!  . . . and it's 70 plus degrees outside! 
Doesn't exactly make me want to cuddle up next to the fire, but I am definitely NOT complaining!
I have a sweet friend who adores Christmas, and this warm weather is just a BIG bummer for her!  Not me!  I can enjoy the lights, the treats, and the giving with beautiful sunshine for sure! 
So before I get into more Christmas talk, I have some HUGE Praises that need to be lifted up to our AWESOME God!
1) My Leroy (My Grandma's husband .  .  . ) was in the hospital over thanksgiving for 18 days!  The doctors weren't sure he would make it.  He is back home and doing well!! 
2)  Our neighbor needed to have a major heart surgery, and was able to get in earlier than expected.  It was a good thing . . . the doctors said he could go in the record books as having the worse case ever!  He is now home and recovering wonderfully!  Such a blessing!
3)  I was SUPER sick last Thursday.  I am feeling great now, and Skyler and Kyria are as well!  Yea!
So even though outside it's warm and sunny, it's definitely beginning to look like Christmas here at the Powers' Homestead:
Our Advent Cards!  I am LoViNg Advent!  Advent means "coming", and I can already sense the Spirit moving in our home as we prepare ourselves for celebrating the arrival of Christ! :)
Our eXqUsItE Nativity!  Where is Jesus!?
. . . Oh, and that over there?  That is our Christmas Card Holder!  They should be arriving any day now! :)
He's Coming!  Advent, Anticipation . . . remember!?

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. ~ John 1:9
I have been itching to get a chalkboard for our living room!  Yea! 
Thank you, Ann Voskamp, for your beautiful words that inspire us in every season!
Angel or Star!?  How 'bout a crown of thorns in honor of our Lord who was nailed to a tree, but now lives and gives us life as well!!
Love this print by Day Spring!   I didn't see them selling the actual print anymore, but I bought a whole set of Christmas cards, unfolded one, cut it to fit this gaudy gold frame, painted the frame a jolly red! Perfecto!  (Oh and I put some green with gold polka dots material behind it!)
Our Thankful Tree turned Jesus Tree!  We are using Ann Voskamp's Christmas devotional again this year!  Wow!  So Good! . . . We are doing our advent calendar activity & Scripture reading in the mornings after breakfast.  I used some from her advent calendar, and also added some of our own.  Then at night we are reading the devotional and The Word, and hanging these paper ornaments!
Joy to the WOLRD!  I have a thing for globes! 
Hoping you all are having, and continue to have a Merry Christmas season!


  1. All your decorations are so beautiful! I LOVE the idea with the crown of thorns...never heard about that before. I love the red/gold Christmas favorite style and the banner!!! sooooo cute! :)

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

  2. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful!! I am doing the Ann Voskamp's advent tree/devitional, too. I did it last year and loved doing it!! Sending Christmas Joy! xo Heather

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