November 25, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: 22-25

Day #22:  A very blessed Thanksgiving!
Our family spent time together on Thursday!  It was great!  We had delicious food, and spent time hanging out!  I always love going to this family get-together because everyone likes to play games and laugh!  It was so fun! Looking forward to Christmas already!
Day #23:  Forgiveness
Ok, I am not sure if it is because my old monthly friend decided to show up for a suprise visit, but I have been seriously moody lately.  One minute I want Skyler to leave me alone so I can work on stuff, and the next minute I am all annoyed that he is working too much and not spending time with me!  Wah Wah Wah!  Friday morning I was just acting like a spoiled brat!  There was obvious tension, and my rude/disrespectful comments weren't making it any better!  Finally, after having a little heart-to-heart with the Lord I listened to what He was telling me. I went outside to ask Skyler to forgive me.  I wasn't sure what God wanted me to say, and I still didn't have the best attitude about it, but I knew I needed to be obedient to the Lord.  I went outside, and once the words "please, forgive me" came out of my mouth, I broke.  I was crying as I realized that I don't even deserve such a great husband!  Skyler was wonderful, as usual, and gave me a big hug and lots of kisses!  So thankful God forgives me when I fall short, and I am thankful that my husband demonstrates this kind of love for me!
Day #24: A great day shopping with my parents and Kyria!
Yes, we went shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving!  No, I am not sure what I was thinking! Ha!  Well, my parents came down, and my mom wanted to get Kyria some Christmas outfits.  I couldn't pass that up, so we headed to town!  It was pretty fun, and the crowds weren't too bad!
Day #25:  Christmas Lights!
The other night we decorated for Christmas!  It doesn't quite feel like Christmas since it was 61 degrees outside today (we even went for nice walk - No Coats!).  However, we did start the wood stove because it has been getting a little chilly at night.  The combination of a warm fire and twinkling lights makes me want to snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie - which we did!  Love's . . . something Christmas!  It is a movie from the Love Comes Softly series!  Anyway, I am thankful for this time of year and celebrating Jesus!

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  1. God is soooo good, along with our wonderful husbands. I do the same thing, get so aggrevated at my wonderful husband and I finally realize what a brat I am being, (he always knows when my monthly friend is about to arrive, usually before I do) We are so lucky to have the husbands we do, even though we dont deserve them.
    and your hair looks great, did you get a perm?


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