August 31, 2012

Folding A Fitted Sheet (with elastic all around!)

Alright, so by now you know that this blog is about me taking on adventures in homesteading & homemaking!  There are many useful things I didn't take the time to learn growing up, and now I am realizing how truly valuable they can be!  Things such as cooking, cleaning, raising animals, gardening, and yes, how to fold a fitted sheet!  How did I miss this!?  Anyone else with me!? 
Well, anyhow, I checked out a few you tube videos & a Martha Stuart tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet! It took me a few tries and several tutorials to finally find one that made sense, but now . . . Wow!  This is BRILLIANT!!! 
As you can see in the picture above, usually my fitted sheet folding technique is not very pretty!  I do not have a linen closet, only this little rubbermaid that slides under our bed.  Learning how to fold a fitted sheet will definintely help conserve some space!
Here is my tutorial for you in case you're like me and missed this in FACS class! (previously known as Home-Ec, and currently unknown in most schools today . . . ):
3.  Take the two corners you have your hands in from step #2, and bring them together.
4.  Take the corner in your right hand, and fold it over the other hand (the corners originally in your right hand are now inside out over your left hand).
5. It now looks like this from the front.
6.  This from the back.
7.  When you lay your sheet on the bed, after you smooth it out it should look like this.
8.  Fold the side with the elastic over.
9.  Fold the other side over.  Remember to smooth out!
10.  You will now do another tri-fold the other way.  Start with the "poofy" end first.
In the end, you should have something that looks like this!  Yea!  Success!
The hardest part is steps 3-6!  I tried to explain it as simple as possible, but if that was still confusing (believe me I was very confused while trying to look at numerous tutorials), here is a you tube video I found most helpful!:
So I would love to know . . .
how many of you already knew how to fold a fitted sheet? 
How many of you are like me, and had no clue!?


  1. I too struggled with the same problem. I went to youtube as well and was surprised at how easy it really was!! I have done it a couple times but I am usually in such a hurry that I just roll it up and throw it in a drawer. :) Shame on me!!

  2. That is something my mom taught me when I was growing up! Pretty much how you described. But I just find a corner to start and hold it up with my hand in side. Then I just go around and fold each corner into the one my hand is in. Then I'm at the same place as your #7 and proceed as you said. It is hard to describe! Very worthwhile to learn! Thanks for putting up these kinds of posts...sometimes you don't know what you don't know!

  3. I was completely clueless until about 6 or 8 months ago. I saw a YouTube video on someone's Facebook page. After I had watched it about a dozen times, the process finally made sense and my linen closet has NEVER looked better! If you're really into folding everything up in a 'space-saving' way, just search "how to fold _(insert clothing here)_". There are some neat ways to fold underwear, bras, tank tops, etc; probably a good idea for saving space when packing.

  4. Well, I'm much older, so I have had lots of time to learn. One job I had a long time ago when I was in my twenties was at a factory where we made crib sheets. I watched the ladies who folded and packed them and saw the way the did it, so I've known for a loooooong time. :) When I was growing up, my Mom only had flat sheets, so no worry.

    You explained it really well!

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've looked at so many other, but they were either going to fast, too complicated, or for sheets that only had elastic in the 4 corners. This tutorial was easy to understand, with great pics, and for my all-around elastic sheet. Blessings! Thanks for sharing! Tiffany

  6. This is absolutely the best & clearest instructional video I have watched on this topic - thank you so much for sharing it! I instantly went to my linen closet afterwards and to my delight, neatly & easily re-folded all my messy fitted sheets. A very useful life-skill :) I am 50 years old now and wish I'd known about this earlier.


  7. My hardest part has always been the smoothing out part and the slippery the sheets the harder the job and I too only knew for elastic in the four corners. Thank you and blessings backatcha :)

  8. Yeah!!! You should see my linen closet!! The hardest part is that I have King sized sheets...but problem! Thanks so much for your tutorial!!!!!

  9. I also have King sheets...and now my linen closet looks perfect!! Thanks so much!


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