April 13, 2012

The Blessings of Planting a Garden Together

This week Skyler and I put in our garden!  I must admit that this year, I haven't been all that excited about the garden.  After we didn't get much last year, I honestly didn't feel like messing with it again!  Not only did it seem like I had know clue what I was doing, but I didn't want Skyler to have to do all the work in addition to everything else he does for us.  With the baby coming, I really wasn't sure how much I would be able to help out.  Plus, if we weren't going to get much like last year, it seemed like a waste of time to even try.  If we did get a large yield, I was nervous that I might not be able to keep up with all the canning, freezing, etc.  Since I didn't get to practice last year, I would be trying to learn while also learning how to take care of Kyria!  All these thoughts were a little overwhelming!

Nevertheless, Skyler and I put the garden in this week!  I am so glad we did! It was such a blessing!

First, it was a fun time spent together!  I usually don't get super excited when I know Skyler and I are about to tackle a work project (playing or relaxing together always seems much more appealing), but every time we do it turns out to be one of my favorite times with him!  Not only this, but these are great opportunities to build memories, and share life!  You don't get the same kind of experience by merely watching TV together.

Second, we were very productive!  After a long day at work, it is tempting to simply come home and "put my feet up."  However, Wednesday we came home, got right to work, and we practically had to force ourselves to come in once it got dark! I find that it is always hard for me to get going with a work project. Once the project is started, though,  I get motivated to finish it, and the work actually becomes quite enjoyable!

 Finally, I have decided that planting a garden this year, despite last years' failures,  was the best thing we could do!  Each time we plant a garden we learn something new.  It may be subtle, but every time we gain wisdom, and that is bringing us one step closer to success!  This sounds a bit cliche, like a something that would be found on a classroom poster, but it's so true!  Funny how truth can be made so much more evident by working with God's creation!  

So there you have it!  Our garden!  This year we are going to try to put down something to prevent weeds!  I know we won't get rid of them completely, but hopefully these ideas will help!  As you can see in the picture above, we already laid down one row of weed fabric.  We used the weed fabric simply because somehow we already had a roll from last year that was never used.

 Here are some other ideas we may try:

Shredded Newspaper
Grass Clippings
Hay Straw

I would love to hear from some of you!  What do you use to control weeds?  What have you found to work best!?

NOTE:  This is definitely not a post about fashion!  Ha!  I am pretty sure we could both be featured on "What Not To Wear" in these "outfits"!  The pregnant lady decked out in baggy sweats tucked into muck boots is almost as bad as my husband sporting these old red wind pants!  I hope it gave everyone a good laugh at least! :)


  1. Last year I tried the shredded newspaper. While it worked wonderful at keeping the weeds down, it blew around in our spring storms! Every time I came outside, it looked like it snowed newspaper all over the yard. Hopefully you don't live where it gets windy!

  2. My aunt would advise against grass clippings because of the variety of errant seeds you could have in with them, and I would caution against the hay/straw. I've used it before, but I don't like to because I always end up with field grass coming up wherever I use it. Currently we have raised beds and have long leaf pin needles several inches deep, over weed mat, between the beds to keep from having to mow and weed-eat between them all. I've heard the pine needles deter slugs and snails, and I'm all for that if it really does.

  3. In decorative gardens I mulch but otherwise we use hay or compost. I <3 my compost bin! I've had it going for five years now and it never fills higher than half because it keeps cookin' up that beautiful soil! :-)

    Thanks for the inspiration. I credited your blog post for my inspiration to dive into my front yard and get it cleaned up finally! http://www.theburgans.com/2012/04/pleasures-of-hard-work.html

  4. I usually put down a thick (3-4 seets) layer of newspaper & cover it with grass clippings. That way the newspaper doesn't blow around & the seeds/weeds from the grass clippings don't germinate/grow. It's also a good way to add nutrients back into the soil. The carbon from the newspaper & the nitrogen from the grass clippings break down over time & can help amend the soil.



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