January 9, 2012

The Homestead Barn Hop: A New Year, A New Face

Hello there everyone!  If you have seen Amy, Kendra, or Jill's post you are probably already aware that I have stepped down from hosting The Hop!  It has been so much fun, but after much deliberation I felt it would be best.  As many of you now know, I am pregnant!  Yea!  So excited!  Skyler and I are very much anticipating this little baby!  As I finish up my commitments this year teaching school, as well as instructing at the dance/twirling studio life seems to be quite busy.  It's always busy, but now more than ever!  I realize it is only a stage.  I have been prayerfully asking the Lord to remove all distractions.  I want Him to really use this time to prepare me physically, emotionally, but especially spiritually for being a momma!  I am trying to be faithful to my existing commiments, while at the same time praying God will remove anything that He feels I could do without right now.  So far He has brought a dear friend to take over 2 days at the studio for me starting in February!  This is a HUGE blessing, and I know he worked this out for her and I both!  He has also allowed the other hosts of the Homestead Barn Hop to be gracious in allowing me step down, as well as found a GREAT new replacement in Kelly of The Morris Tribe!  Wow!  What a dynamic group of ladies!  I am very excited to see all they have planned for The Hop!  Finally, I don't know what else He has planned for this time in my life, but I want to be obedient, and focus on His lead.

For those of you who are wondering . . . I do plan to continue blogging here at A Blossoming Homestead.  With the Homestead truly beginning to blossom, I am sure there will be many exciting posts to come.   It will likely be sporadic for now, but hopefully you will find encouragement, and some interesting information as I write about our adventures in this new stage of life! 

And now . . . 
be sure to HOP on over to one of these ladies blogs, and link up with others in the homestead community!  

The Homestead Barn Hop
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  1. So excited for your pregnancy!!! Congratulations!

    I pray the Lord will prepare you in the months and years ahead with His wisdom to raise this little and whatever others come!


  2. Aww new baby so exciting....!!Congratulations!!

  3. Megan, I enjoy reading your blog so much. I really admire the way you see your role in marriage and now as a mom-to-be. Chris and I got married the first of October and very quickly got pregnant (totally not planned but very excited none the less!) but you really encourage me to continue to seek what God wants for me as a wife and mom. Thanks!


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